How Hilton is transforming Hilton Village in Hawaii

Hilton, a hotel chain, has built two hotels in Hawaii.

The Hyatt House Resort in Waikoloha Village has a retractable roof and will open in 2019.

The Hotel Hawaii Resort in Oahu will open next year.

Hyatt Group’s Hainan Inn is a more traditional resort, with its own indoor swimming pool.

The Waikanae Hotel & Spa in the resort area will open this year.

Haina has the most hotels in the world, with 1,944, according to the Hotel Association.

The country has more than a million hotels, according the World Tourism Organization.

Hyatts resort in Hainalau, Hawaii.

It has a large indoor swimming area, a spa, a guest room, a bar and an open-air courtyard.

The hotel will be open year-round.

Hotel Hyatt, which was spun off from Marriott in 2017, is the second-largest hotel operator in the United States after Hilton.

The Hilton Group, the company’s parent company, also owns Marriott International.

Hains resort in Waianae, Hawaii, is a resort that has its own pool.

Its pool is a large retractable structure that has a swimming pool, indoor tennis court, fitness center, and bar.

The resort has a spa and has a full bar, a restaurant, and a bar.

It is not yet known when the hotel will open.

Hotel Haines in Waiau, Hawaii is a residential hotel.

Its main building is a four-story residential building, and it has two indoor pools.

It will be the third hotel in the Hawaiian resort area.

Hotel Indigo, the third-largest luxury hotel in Japan, opened in 2017.

It features a spacious, open-concept interior with views of the surrounding Waianākī National Park and Waikākiri Island.

The company is owned by the Waikani Group, a private Japanese group that owns the Marriott, Disney, and Hyatt brands.

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