Taco village: It’s like a Christmas display in Austin

Austin, Texas — Christmas in the winter is usually a family affair, with children at home and family members at home watching on.

But not for a local Taco Village.

The Taco Village in Austin, a taco-making, vegan food truck that is run by the Mexican-American family of Amaya, is a celebration of the holidays.

The taco village has the look and feel of a Christmas-themed restaurant, complete with Christmas decorations and a Santa Claus-like display.

“It’s just a big, big celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Years,” said Amaya’s Taco Village co-owner, Jessica M. Amaya.

“It’s all about celebrating all the holidays together.”

While the taco village is meant to be a family friendly holiday experience, it also serves as a sort of community center for people who aren’t really sure where to start, or how to start.

“I think it’s really important for kids to understand that all the food is made by the family, and it’s all the same.

It’s all made by my family,” said Mandy Martinez, a 12-year-old from Austin.

“There are different recipes, different ingredients, different cooking methods.

There are also different kinds of food.

It all tastes good, and the kids can really learn about what is healthy and what is not healthy.”

For a small business like Amayas, a holiday gathering is an important part of its Christmas business.

“We have the idea of Christmas and the family to have something to bring people together, and that’s really a good thing,” said Martinez.

The tacos and other foods are sold in a small display area on the first floor of the Taco Village, which is located in the heart of downtown Austin.

The family of five is based in Austin.

“They’re really good at helping us keep up with the pace of the day, which we are,” said Martellas mother, Maria Amaya-Reyes.

The family’s Christmas tradition started about three years ago when Maria and her husband decided to make their own taco, and they’ve been making tacos ever since.

“The tacos that we make here are really good,” said Amanda Martinez.

“We’re trying to bring out the Mexican flavors that we like to have in our tacos.”

Martinez said the family was already experimenting with making tacos in a variety of flavors, but it was always something that they wanted to try and have it at home.

“You can do a really good taco with a few ingredients that are really different than what you see in a taco stand,” she said.

The food trucks are currently being tested in the Austin area.

Martinez said they will eventually expand to other parts of the country.

“As far as the taco stands are concerned, that’s our home.

They’re really our home,” she explained.

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