The most surprising places in your backyard (and beyond)

You know you have to love hot springs.

You know the feeling.

You’re ready to jump in a tub and soak in a waterfall, and maybe even take in a hot spring bath.

You might even find yourself swimming, or just relaxing in the hot tub, with a few friends.

But that’s not the case for many of the people in this small town in Massachusetts.

The water in Coco Village, just across the Mystic River from the Boston suburb of Somerville, is not hot.

The temperature is not above 90 degrees, and the water is not even warm enough to drink.

According to a Mashable story, the water temperature was recorded at 102 degrees in February.

It was recorded in May, and is currently at 86 degrees.

In August, Coco Village became the first town in the United States to be named after the infamous “Halloween Monster,” and a popular tourist attraction has also been banned.

The water in the Coco Village hot springs is not cool.

The official temperature for Coco Village is 82 degrees, according to Mashable.

(Photo: Mashable)Mashable reached out to Coco Village for comment, but we have yet to hear back.

The town has yet to reply to a request for comment on why Coco Village’s water temperature is too low, or why the hot springs have been closed for the past two months.

The town is still open to visitors, and we hope to return in a few weeks to explore the town, said Coco Village Town Manager Jim Fuchs.

But he said the water has been shut off for several months, and that there is not a hot spot for swimming or bathing in the water.

“The only thing we have open is a hot tub,” he said.

“We just can’t afford to have the water run low.”

Fuchs told Mashable he is hoping to reopen the hot spring on Friday, August 14, and to let visitors try their luck swimming in the bubbling pool.

“It’s very cool and it’s not really hot,” he added.

“We hope to reopen in a couple weeks,” Fuchs said.

We have also reached out and will update this story if we hear back from the town.

Mashables investigation revealed a handful of other towns with water temperatures that are too low to drink:Somerset, New Hampshire (86 degrees), and Manchester, New Jersey (87 degrees), both of which have hot springs in their water.

Both towns were also named after Halloween monsters, which also caused them to be shut down.

In both cases, the hot water was not cold enough to swim in.

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