When a Greek village makes a zombie pizza

In a Greek town, it’s not uncommon for a baker to offer to sell them a zombie, a zombie in a suit, or a zombie on a chainsaw.

In the Greek village of Pavlosos, however, that has changed.

On Thursday, two pizzas arrived, the first a pizza from a pizzeria in a nearby bar, which is the only place where they can sell a zombie pizzas, according to the local newspaper.

The second came from the bar, and was sold out.

“I was a little surprised that this would happen,” said the owner of the pizzeria, who asked to be named only as Andreas.

“The only way to get a zombie is to kill it.”

On the same day, another pizzeria opened in a neighboring town, offering a zombie cake.

“In our village, there is only one place where you can get a pizza with a zombie and we’re the only ones who can sell them,” said Andreas, who was also not involved in the business.

“We’re happy to help them, but not in this way.”

The pizza-making process is so complicated that the only way for them to make a pizza is to cut it into pieces, which the pizzas come in.

In fact, the pizzerias only make one slice per customer, but this means they have to use a machine to make them.

“You cannot get rid of a zombie,” said a member of the local bakery’s staff.

“You have to remove the skin from the zombie, which will kill it.

They don’t need any special treatment, just the same treatment as a human.””

The pizza was made by a pizzerios, not a baker,” added Andreas.

The baker who created the pizzabans zombie pizza has been offered the chance to sell it again, which he is willing to do.

“We don’t know how to get rid the skin, so we will make another pizza,” he said.

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