US President Donald Trump will sign a proclamation allowing construction of more than 100 homes on US military bases in Romania

Trump, who has long opposed building military bases on US soil, has signed a proclamation authorizing construction of hundreds of homes on military bases at Ponta Luzia, a remote Romanian mountain resort that he has frequently visited since becoming president in January.

Trump said during a visit to the resort that his administration would “continue to build the United States of America on a foundation of the strength of the American people, and I will work with our partners to make sure that this is a fair and just process.”

“I think it’s great, I think it would be very beneficial,” Trump told reporters on the plane.

The announcement is an unusual one for Trump, whose administration has sought to ramp up infrastructure projects in Europe and Asia despite a series of setbacks in the Middle East.

Trump has been criticized for not providing more information about the military construction project.

The Pentagon has been reviewing the project for years, and the Trump administration has taken several steps to increase transparency.

The U.S. Embassy in Bucharest said it was “not aware of any recent progress in the construction of new military housing units on any of the bases in the area” and said it “will continue to closely monitor developments on these issues.”

The U of S and other NATO allies have long opposed such construction on their bases, arguing it undermines their ability to conduct operations and deter potential threats.

Romania has been a NATO member since the late 1990s and hosts some 1,400 American troops, most of whom are stationed in the capital Bucharest.

The country also hosts the U.N. headquarters in Rome, home to the U, N. and U.K. peacekeeping forces.

Romanian officials have said that while they are pleased with the announcement, the construction will not include military installations and will not create jobs.

Trump, who is in the final stages of deciding whether to approve the construction, has repeatedly vowed to build more military bases.

In 2016, he announced a plan to build 1,500 more U.A.E. military bases, but he later dropped the number of the project after critics said he did not follow through on the promises.

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