Chef dante West has been honoured with award of the ‘Viking of the Week’

West is the reigning Viking of the week.

His ‘Vikings of the Weekend’ series, which features award-winning dishes from around the world, is now in its third year.

Chef danteboye West, a Dutchman who is based in the village of Dantebry, was presented with the Viking of Week Award by the Viking Society of New South Wales.

West, who also owns a restaurant in Sydney, said he was honoured to be recognised for his work.

“I am really proud that my food is still so popular around the globe and I am so grateful to everyone who loves it,” he said.

Chef West said he began his career in the late 1970s and later worked in restaurants across the globe, including London, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami.

He said the Viking experience taught him about his profession and how to do the best job possible.

“My favourite part of my Viking days was the Viking restaurant and how we would get to eat,” he added.

Chef Dantecoye said the awards ceremony had been held in honour of his father, who died in 2004.

He noted that the restaurant he was at in Dantabry was named after his father’s favourite Viking, the legendary Viking warrior Ragnar Lodbrok.

Chef’s Viking Restaurant in Dantsford.

Source: Supplied He said he felt honoured to have been recognised in the same way.

“To be recognised in such a way is something I have never been able to do before,” he explained.

Chef and Viking expert and award-winner, Andrew Pannell, said Chef West’s success was thanks to the support of his fans.

“There are very few chefs who are able to take on such a huge responsibility like Chef dantes West,” he told and video.

“It’s great to be able to help create such a great experience for so many people and for the Viking community.”

Chef danto West in a Viking Restaurant.

Source (Supplied) Chef danta West’s Viking restaurant in Dantesford.

(Supplying Source: Chef West is also honoured with the ‘Best Restaurant’ award at the prestigious awards ceremony in Sydney on Thursday.

It is the first time he has been recognised.

The award was previously given to James Cook, the chef who created the world’s most popular curry dish.

Chef Wester has been a patron of Dantes Falls restaurant for 40 years.

He is also a former president of the Dantes Falls Council and the owner of Dante West restaurant.

Chef & Restaurant Group’s Andrew PANNEL is a chef and foodie with experience in a range of disciplines.

He was the former president and general manager of the James Cook restaurant and the former chief executive of Dants Falls restaurant.

He also has a number of international restaurant franchises, including Danteca in London and Dantee in Miami.

PANNELL said it was great to see such a successful chef receive recognition.

“We are very proud of Chef dantis West’s dedication to serving his loyal customers with an outstanding, and always excellent, service,” he continued.

“Our team has a proud history of serving the best of Australian cuisine, and Chef danti West’s commitment to delivering an outstanding Viking experience will always be in our hearts.”

Chef West, from Dantbaries, was born in West Australia in 1966.

He came to New South Welsh in 1974 and worked for a number in the Australian restaurant industry before moving to the US in 1982.

“His dedication to the Viking culture and culinary arts has been such a tremendous benefit to the Australian Viking community for many years,” Mr Pannells said.

“As he grew up, Chef dants West was able to develop a reputation as a chef with a great eye for detail and a passionate, innovative attitude to serving the community.”

A special thanks to all of our members, the chefs, the staff and the customers for their support.

Chef James Cook.

Chef Andrew Panoell and chef dante wester at Dantes Village restaurant in West Sydney.

(Sydney Star News)

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