Arkanet is testing a new app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to view a map and explore nearby places

Arkanets new app Arkaneteer is an augmented reality (AR) app that lets users navigate to places in real-time using their smartphones.

It’s similar to Google Maps, but instead of showing a location to users, it lets them see a map of a specific area.

The app lets users see a 3D map of the surrounding area that shows a map in a 3-D format.

You can navigate from one location to the next, as well as see directions to other locations.

You’re also able to zoom in and out and move around the map, and it’s possible to scroll around the area.

Arkanette can also tell you the distance between places, including the size of buildings and roads.

The idea is that Arkanetoers can see what’s around them from a different perspective than you can.

Arkaniet will also have a few other features that will allow you to track your progress on the app.

There are three different types of data you can access with the app: The first is the “live” data.

You’ll be able to see where you’re walking, walking quickly, and other details about your activity.

The second type is “historical” data, which includes information like how many miles you’ve walked or ridden, and the distance you’ve traveled.

The third type of data is “biome” data — this includes how much food you’ve eaten, how much water you’ve used, and so on.

Arkanoet has a number of data points that can be shown to you in the app, and you can customize these data points to see things like how far you’ve travelled, what kinds of foods you’ve had, and when you last saw a particular place.

The apps data also has some useful info like the number of people that have visited a location and the average number of visits per day.

The first app Arkanieteer launched was called Arkanatteer.

Arkanet lets you track your activities in real time, including your walk, ride, and explore data.

But the company is also testing the app with other AR apps like the “Hood” app that shows you an AR map of your home.

Arkans first app, Arkanieta, was a mobile app that was released last year.

Arkaneet has since launched a second AR app called Arkaniatte.

The company has also launched a third AR app for Android called Arkans Arkanite.

Arkanaet’s latest app is based on the “Arkaniete” app from the iPhone.

Arkaniat lets you see how much time has passed and the location of your current location, while Arkanteer lets you explore the area around you.

ArkAnet is now on iOS and on Android devices, with the iOS app coming out later this year.

The Arkaneta app for iPhones will come with two AR features.

One is that you can walk around your neighborhood in AR and see a digital version of the area you’re in.

The other is the ability to zoom into a virtual world.

You walk around the virtual world with your phone in AR mode, and then zoom in to see the area surrounding you.

The virtual world you’re looking at in AR is the real world, and there’s a map that shows the exact spot you’re currently looking at.

The map shows the location and location of nearby places.

A lot of AR apps are built on top of a “real world” environment, which means that you have to have some real-world objects in the real-life environment to give you an immersive experience.

ArkANET uses real-estate data from the city of Arkan.

Arkanos Arkanate, which is now the official name of the app and app store, has been around for a while, and they’ve been working on it since the end of last year, according to a post on Arkanos website.

A lot of developers are trying to take advantage of this data to make AR experiences.

Arkanna is using real-property data to show you where you are in the virtual neighborhood you’re at, so it looks like a real estate listing, rather than a location.

For now, Arkanoets AR app is only available in the US, with no plans to launch in other countries, though it’s planning to do so.

You may be interested in reading about the development of the Arkanett app.

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