Why do you call me an idiot?

Villages in Romania have been known to call themselves villages idiots.

They’re not exactly an official title but a local nickname is a well-known term for an ordinary person, often because of their small stature.

In many cases, the villagers are called “villages idiot” or “village idiot” because they are often so stupid that they fail to understand what is going on around them.

Many villages have also called themselves village idiots because they don’t know the rules or how to use their property.

They are therefore very confused when they hear about their neighbours and their rights.

The villagers are usually very angry when they don´t receive their money, rent, food or any other kind of money.

The villagers in Romania, and elsewhere in the world, are not the type to accept money without doing their homework.

The Romanian villages idiot are usually quite angry and angry at the world for not paying their debts.

The village idiot is also not a real person.

In the Romanian village, the village idiot has no rights.

He or she is just an ordinary citizen.

The village idiot isn´t entitled to any benefits or services.

They can´t go out to the market, they can’t go to the doctor, they have to pay the bill in advance.

The people in the village are simply not entitled to anything.

If the village idiots are not entitled, how do they survive?

The villagers usually have a very bad situation.

They often don’t have money, no job and sometimes they don`t even have a car.

The village idiots usually live on the edge of the village, on the outskirts of town, or in the suburbs of towns.

Sometimes they don¡t have a job at all, and even if they do, it isn´ t a good one.

In Romania, many villagers don™t even know how to work, how to cook or how much money to earn.

There is also a very high rate of unemployment in Romania.

When the villagers get tired of being insulted by their neighbours, the next step is usually to become angry at them and make a complaint.

After a few months of this, they usually end up in the local police station.

If the village stupid gets angry enough, they will then go to court.

In Romania, if the villagers can´ t pay their bills in full, they then go into debt.

They have no money left to pay off the debts.

The situation is different if the village idiots don’t want to pay their debts, they try to make a deal with the villagers.

Sometimes the villagers will offer the villagers a sum of money to pay them off, and sometimes the villagers even give the village a good place to live.

In most cases, they also give them something to eat.

The problem with the village fool is that sometimes the village morons will not pay.

The problem is that if the villon idiot doesn´t pay, the town idiot will make sure that the village dumb won´t have anything to do with him or her.

The villon idiots often try to get the villagers to take them to court to force them to pay up.

The villages idiot is usually not too interested in the villagers getting involved in court cases.

In many cases the villagers in Romanian villages are quite stupid, and they are willing to do whatever the villagers want.

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