Why is the Queensland government cracking down on water pollution?

Posted November 06, 2019 09:08:30A Queensland Government spokeswoman says the state’s drinking water regulator is cracking down more on water leaks.

Key points:A report commissioned by the Queensland Government says the groundwater level is higher than normal due to the recent floodingThe State Government has also begun pumping in wastewater to try to flush out the groundwaterThe Queensland Water Pollution Control Board says it is considering a total ban on all forms of pollutionThe Queensland Government has been working with the Australian Water Quality Authority (AWQA) and the National Environmental Protection Authority (NEPA) to try and curb the rise in water pollution.

Key point:The report commissioned for the Queensland Water Quality Control Board said the groundwater is higher in some areas than normal and that water from the underground could have caused the increase.

The report said that if the groundwater was still high, there was a possibility the aquifer could become unstable and leak.

But the report also said water was leaking out of wells and into the surface.

The state’s water regulator said it was working with Environment and Water, the Australian Red Cross, the Government and the Queensland Red Cross to try, as best as it can, to prevent groundwater from becoming unstable.

A spokeswoman for Environment and Weather said there was no water shortage in the state, but said water from underground could become an issue in areas like the Villages at Dandenong and Townsville.

The WA Government has said it is taking water quality management more seriously and is working to reduce groundwater leakage.

The Federal Government said it would be taking water pollution issues more seriously, but it did not address groundwater leakage in WA.

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