What is the most beautiful place on planet Earth?

It’s been a long road to finding out.

That journey is now over.

The land of Kakariko Village was named one of the 100 most beautiful places in the world in 2016 by Mashable.

It’s still in the running for this year’s title. 

“Kakariki is a place of beauty and is one of those places where we feel like we could be in our home forever,” said Tomoko, who’s been living in Kakariki since she was a baby.

“I can remember when I was very young, my dad would come home from work to open the door and I’d be staring out the window and I think it’s that feeling that I love so much about Kakarikis land.”

Kakakiki Village is surrounded by waterfalls, and Tomoko said she could not imagine living anywhere else.

It’s a place that can only be described as a fairy tale, with a long history of the Kokiri people.

In Kakaririko, the story goes that a kakiri, a tribe of animals, were hunted to extinction by the humans.

They lived on the land, and there were so many beautiful places there, Tomoko told Mashable in an interview.

One of them was the Kakariri Village.

Tomoko said the village has been very peaceful and she loves to walk around the village with her friends.

A young man from Kakarari Village walks around Kakarira Village, a traditional village that is surrounded on three sides by water, during the annual summer festival of the Kakiri People’s Festival, which takes place in Kakiriki on the island of Kaitai in southern Japan, on August 12, 2017.

As Tomoko walks around, she stops to admire a tree that stands in the middle of the village.

The Kakarrii Village is located just north of the Japanese island of Kyushu, and it’s a part of the Kaitaia region of Hokkaido.

Tomoko grew up in this village, which is one that she said she really appreciates.

Kapiri Village is a traditional place, and is a beautiful place, Tomoki told Mashables.

When she was young, she and her family were invited to the traditional village festival, which was held in the spring.

Her father would take her to the village to meet the elders, and they would take them to a large gathering of people to dance, she said.

Eventually, the village elders and her father left.

The next summer, she began to visit the village, and she was surprised to find it completely untouched.

 “I didn’t know there were no animals or people there,” she said, “and I felt really happy.”

Tomoki told her story because she thought people in Kakara would be happy to see the village untouched.

But that wasn’t the case.

She said there were a lot of people who were very angry and wanted to take her away from her village, she told Mashups.

“I was a little scared,” Tomoko explained.

After that, she started to think that it was time for her to go.

Tomoki left her village and lived on her own, but she wanted to stay close to the people and her friends and keep their traditions alive.

During the summer of 2019, Tomokas family visited Kakarikei Village, where they found it was untouched.

The village was very beautiful, Tomos said.

But she also felt that the villagers were not being treated well.

“The people were really nice and respectful, but they weren’t doing anything to help us out,” Tomokans story goes.

So, she decided to do something about it.

She decided to create a website called Kakarikikis Way, where people could get updates about what was happening in Kakaria.

She wanted people to contact her and share their stories about what she called Kakarikenism.

Within a few weeks, she had over 500 people on board, Tomoka told Mashup.

“When the website went live, I saw a huge surge in visitors,” she explained.

“People from all over the world come here and visit Kakarika to celebrate the festival, and also to take photos.”

Tomoki started a Facebook group called Kakariiki Village.

She is still a member of the group and hopes to keep growing.

“Kakariiki has been my life for the last seven years,” she told the website.

People started calling her “Kikariiki” and she started a blog about Kakariikis life.

What she hopes to do next is bring the story of Kakariikeis life to life, and her story to the world.

“It’s very important to tell the story and to keep people inspired about Kakaria,” she shared with Mash

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