LEGO Town in South Canterbury has been a hit, but now it needs more people

LEGO Town has been hugely popular in the UK and Ireland, but a lot of people in the country still don’t get it.

The village has attracted lots of attention since it opened in October 2017.

But the popularity is only going to continue, and there are some things that need to be improved. 

For one, there’s the traffic. 

“It’s just a very, very long walk from the bridge to the village, and the traffic is horrible,” says Chris Lacy, one of the founders of the LEGO Town project.

“It’s hard to keep the lights on in the evenings and on weekends, which is not a great place for people to live and work.”

We had a huge crowd of people at the opening, and people have really enjoyed it, but there are things we can do to improve things.

“One of the most obvious improvements would be the way in which people can enter the village from the north, so as to avoid the traffic jams.

“We’d have to take it from the ground up. “

That would require a massive investment,” says Lacy.

“We’d have to take it from the ground up.

We’d have have to remove everything, and we’d need to replace everything.”

Another thing that needs to be fixed is the village’s signage. 

The village has a huge number of trees, and some of them are just overgrown.

“People are walking around with signs saying ‘You’re on the wrong side of the road’ – or ‘Stop by the village and buy a gift for the children’,” says Lacey.

“But people just don’t realise that there’s a big difference between the two.” 

Lacy says that’s because the village isn’t part of a designated cycleway, and that there isn’t enough space between the trees for people on foot to make it from one side to the other. 

There are also some roads that are closed to vehicles. 

Lack of parking is another problem, because there’s no one to park in. 

Another problem is that the village has just one shop, and its not quite the same as a shop in a big city like Liverpool or London.

“There’s a lack of quality signage and a lack in quality of life,” says Brian Jones, one the founders.

It’s estimated that more than a million people have visited the village in the last five years. “

[The village] needs to get a lot more people to come in, but the main problem is getting people to pay for it.” 

It’s estimated that more than a million people have visited the village in the last five years. 

In addition to the new signage, the project also needs to build new homes. 

One of those is a five-bedroom house, built by the local authorities housing authority, which was recently given the green light. 

But it’s the home of the village itself that needs work. 

It needs to go from being a simple wooden building to one that’s more modern and modern-looking. 

Its not clear if the village will be able to afford the new home, but Jones hopes that it will. 

What would you do if you were a Lego fan and your favourite place had to close? 

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