Why Burger King has a new, high-end, new-generation burger in India

A Burger King in India is not the same as a Burger King, but it is very different from a Burger.

The new high-level burger in Burger King’s Indian market, the Burger King, is a high-quality version of the Burger King franchise, which has been around for more than 20 years.

Burger King in 2016 launched the new burger in five cities in India.

It was a hit in Delhi and Mumbai, and was followed by other cities like Chennai and Pune.

Now, the company is in the process of expanding the new high school in Bengaluru.

The new Burger King is called the Burge King and the new franchise is called Burger & Co. What’s in a name?

The BurgeKing is a “high-end” burger that has an authentic Burge-like flavour.

It is named after the restaurant’s founder, the late Harold Burge, a businessman who invented the burger.

The Burge king is also known as the Burger king in India and is sold in different languages.

Why did the Burgeon King go global?

Burge King in 2010 launched a global restaurant chain, Burger King.

The company also made an attempt to expand in China, Japan and Russia.

After Burger King failed in its first attempt to launch a burger in Japan, the burger chain decided to invest in India, according to the company.

Burger king India is the biggest burger chain in India with a market share of nearly 1.5 million outlets.

It was launched in February 2017.

The new BurgeKong in Bengaluroy, the new BurggeKing, will have a premium taste and will have the signature “Burge” on it, which means that it will be a BurgerKing in India by the end of the year, Burger Kings said.

BurgeKing will be the second Burger King India franchise after the company launched a new franchise in the U.K. in 2017.

BurgesKong, in addition to being the second franchise, is the brand’s third restaurant in India after its existing franchise in Mumbai.

Bengaluru is a popular tourist destination and the company has been making a lot of investments there, said the company in a statement.

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