John Knoxville, John Knox’s wife, dies at age 78

LIKEWITH LIKES: LIKELY LIKETTES: JOHN KNOXVILLE, LIKELI TIKI, WALMARTWOOD (AP) John Knox, a British author, who wrote books including “Loving John,” died Monday at the age of 78.

He had been battling pneumonia for years, and his family confirmed his death.

Knox’s longtime friend, the poet and critic Arthur Conan Doyle, said in a statement that he was “devastated” by Knox’s passing.

Knox had written more than 200 novels, including “The White Lady” and “The Lost Art of Fiction.”

He was best known for his novels, which won many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and a Peabody award.

His best-known work was “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” a series of detective novels about the life of the famed detective.

In “The Devil’s Advocate,” Knox wrote about his love of poetry and literature and his struggles with alcoholism.

“I never felt more at home than when I wrote,” he wrote in a 2004 letter to Doyle.

“Writing is the closest thing to being able to be yourself.”

In the 1990s, Knox said he was in pain from Parkinson’s disease.

He died on a beach in Costa Rica, according to a local newspaper.

Knox was a professor of English at the University of Edinburgh.

He was born in the village of Knoxville in north-west England in 1918.

His family said in his obituary that he died of natural causes, but they declined to elaborate.

His first book was “John Knoxville: The Author Who Was.”

He later wrote books about the lives of his two sons, John, who was the first author of “Liking John,” and Ian, who became a literary phenomenon after his novel “The Man Who Lived in Time” won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize.

“Likeness is the key to living well and enjoying life,” the family said.

“John was a man who understood the importance of friendship, the value of love and the value in sharing life with others.

He loved his family, his community and his fellow humans as well as himself.

He lived for the joy of sharing and the joy in the things he loved.

He would have given anything to be able to write a better life for his family.”

In his memoir, “A Life,” written in 2009, Knox wrote that he didn’t know his wife, Liki, had died until recently.

She died at age 80.

He wrote in his memoir that she died because of Parkinson’s.

“The illness has taken its toll on my health,” he said.

He also wrote that his children, John and Ian — now aged 10 and 11 — “were just like me and loved to play with dolls and make jokes.”

“Ian was the happiest child in the world,” he added.

“He was just as happy when he had a book to read as when he was writing.”

He wrote that in his later years, he “got lost in my books, writing, reading and thinking.”

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