Which are Australia’s poorest villages?

It was a day of mourning and shock for the villagers of Villagers Village, which was a major tourist site when the Chinese government moved in last year.

Villagers village is located in the Chinese city of Shenzhen and is famous for its beautiful architecture and history.

“We’ve had some bad luck with earthquakes here in Shenzhen,” Mr Cheng told the ABC.

“So we have had a bit of a problem with earthquakes.

But we’re doing pretty well now.”

The village has been evacuated and a memorial was set up for the dead, and the community has been encouraged to return home.

But the community of more than 10,000 is struggling to survive.

It’s been struggling to make ends meet on $7.50 a day.

“The worst is yet to come,” Mr Chen said.

“But I’m pretty confident we’ll be OK.”

Villagers’ struggle with rising prices China has a long history of building huge, expensive housing complexes that have contributed to the rising cost of living.

“In China, there’s always a lot of pressure on people to live up to their potential,” Professor Chen said, citing the example of a Chinese man who bought a luxury home for $100 million and then sold it for $500 million to buy a bigger house.

Villager Cheng has been living in the village for about five years. “

It’s really hard to find a good place in China where you don’t have to earn a living.”

Villager Cheng has been living in the village for about five years.

“If we want to make a living, we have to find somewhere where we can work,” he said.

Photo: Supplied “I’d say we’re struggling a little bit, but we’re also not losing hope, we’re just happy to be alive and living the good life.”

The community has a big family, but Mr Cheng said they are struggling financially.

“A lot of people here work,” Mr Chew said.

“I think that’s a big problem.”

Mr Cheng and his wife are also struggling to feed their family, and they have been forced to move into the village’s guest house for their family.

The Chinese government has said it will be removing the villager’s name from its official list of poverty villages, but there are still many families in the community who are still in danger of poverty.

“For a long time, they [the Chinese government] didn’t know what was happening in the world and it’s really sad,” Mr Huang said.

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