When Australia’s most famous schools go under the hammer: Why academies are dying

AUSTRALIA’S most famous high school is the subject of intense scrutiny from a group of parents and educators who want the Victorian school system to shut down.

Key points:Parents say the loss of quality standards at some of Victoria’s most prestigious schools is making them uncompetitive and could mean fewer students and jobsKey pointsA number of schools are facing closureThe State Government is proposing a $1.3 billion funding injection for the state’s school system that includes closing down some of the state-run schoolsThe proposed funding injection is part of a $6.4 billion package of state-wide funding to improve the quality of education across the state.

Key Points:Schools are facing closures across Victoria and NSWThe state Government is planning to close down some Victorian high schoolsThe Victorian Government says it has no plans to close the state schoolsThe proposal comes after the state government announced a $5.8 billion funding package for the Victorian system and the loss in quality of some of its schools has been a major concern for some parents.

Key facts:More than 40,000 students are attending Victoria’s Victorian High Schools over the age of fiveA Victorian Government survey of Victorian schools found there were a number of issues that were preventing schools from achieving their primary and secondary objectives.

The survey found that the number of students at the state primary school, which has a secondary school in Victoria, was lower than the national average.

And while the primary school in Hobart had a student population of about 16,000, the primary in the Melbourne area was nearly 19,000.

“It’s a matter of the schools struggling to maintain a high level of quality,” Dr Sarah Jones, the school principal at a Hobart school, told the ABC.

“I think we’re seeing that a lot of the quality schools that are closing down, we are seeing those schools close down because of a lack of resources and the ability to support the schools.”

The quality of the teachers in the schools that we are able to support is so critical.

“Dr Jones said some schools were struggling to find qualified teachers because the teachers are not coming from the region.”

There’s been some really hard decisions that have been made in the last few years that have taken a significant amount of money out of the school system,” she said.”

That’s going to affect the quality and the education of our students.

“The Victorian Education Minister, Mark Bailey, told The ABC he believed the state had a responsibility to keep quality in schools.”[We] have to make sure that the quality is maintained, the teachers and the staff are being rewarded,” he said.”[There are] many opportunities for our students to make their way into the workforce in a sustainable way.

“This is a challenging time for our schools and we have to be really clear about that.”

But we also have to ensure that the kids who are there are getting the quality education they deserve.

“State schools are being targeted by the State Government in a bid to improve their qualityThe Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, announced in September he was introducing a $2 billion funding boost for the State Education Fund, which is currently being used to help the state state’s schools and schools in the private sector.

He also announced $1 billion in funding for Victorian secondary schools, which include schools in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Mr Andrews also announced a new funding package to improve secondary education, including more money for early childhood education, a new regional school funding fund and support for early learning services.

The new funding is set to be announced at a press conference at 1:30pm today.

The Victorian government is hoping to have the funding injection in place by the end of this month.

But parents and school leaders are concerned that some schools are losing quality and quality standards.”

They’ve had quality problems for many years, and they’ve got some of those problems coming up now,” said Dr Jones.”

And they’re going to have to deal with those in the coming months, because they’re really, really struggling.”‘

It’s time to cut the fat’The Victorian Federation of Teachers, which represents more than 40 000 teachers in Victorian schools, is also concerned about the lack of funding.”

What we’re hearing from parents and teachers is a feeling that the state is not doing enough to improve quality and that we’re losing our quality,” Victoria Federation of Students President Mike Clements told the Four Corners program.”

We’re seeing a loss in the number and quality of teachers at Victorian secondary and primary schools.”‘

The state is losing control’The Federation of Australian Schools (FAAS), which represents nearly 100 000 primary and middle school teachers, has also said the Victorian Government has been slow to act.”

Many schools have been shut down and some schools have closed down for more than a year,” FAAS President Michelle Ritchie said.

The Federation says the funding package is not the right way to go

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