Batsto Village: The World’s First Outdoor Market for Wildlife and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Batstom village, a community of 5,000 people located in the rural region of the state of North Dakota, was built in 1876 as a temporary home for farmers.

Today, the village offers a variety of outdoor markets to wildlife, including a popular animal sanctuary.

It has also become a destination for wildlife biologists and wildlife enthusiasts, offering the chance to meet and interact with animals and plant and take in their natural habitat.

Today’s market also offers visitors a chance to see wildlife in a safe and natural setting.

While many of the animals and plants that inhabit the village are still in their original habitats, visitors can still interact with some of the world’s largest and most iconic animals. 

Bartolomeo Noguera, the founder of Batstoms Wildlife Sanctuary, told National Geographic that the new market is a “natural habitat” for wildlife, and that it is also a way to introduce visitors to wildlife conservation. 

“The goal is to bring a new generation of visitors to the village and to bring attention to conservation and habitat management issues in the region, especially in rural North Dakota,” Nogurera said. 

According to Nogura, the idea of the outdoor market originated from a conversation with a local farmer. 

The farmer told Noguri that he often saw wild animals roaming the village, and he hoped to have a place for them to roam and have a chance for interaction. 

When the farmer came to batstom, he wanted to provide visitors a new option to see the animals, and to provide them a new chance to interact with the animals in a natural environment. 

As part of Batts Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission, visitors are encouraged to visit the village every other week to take in the wildlife and learn about conservation issues in rural areas. 

In addition to the wildlife market, Batstos Natural Area is also home to a wildlife exhibit, which is a large, open area filled with animals.

Visitors can take in and explore the wildlife in the natural environment or take in a wildlife documentary. 

Noguroras wife and his daughter both volunteer in the field. 

His wife, Martina, is a biology teacher at the University of North Texas and she is responsible for educating the children about wildlife. 

Martina said that her husband and daughter have worked hard to create a positive and positive environment for wildlife and their community. 

Despite the new marketplace, Batsts Natural Area will continue to offer a diverse array of animal viewing opportunities, which include wildlife conservation education classes, wildlife education classes and tours. 

For more information about Batstosc Natural Area visit

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