How to get the most out of your villager trading hours

Village trading hours are the hours of the village market in which you are selling a lot of items, usually of a special kind, to a few villagers, often in exchange for a small amount of money.

In this post I am going to share some tips to make your villagers happy and get them to sell you their wares.

But first, let’s look at how to make them happy, first.1.

Talk to them about what they want in exchange: What kind of items do you want to buy?

Where do you live?

What is your name and village?

Who are you?

Do you like to trade?

How many villagers do you have?

What are your goals for the day?

The answers to these questions will determine the number of villagers you can make available.2.

Get them to talk about your plans: Ask your villagener what he or she wants in exchange.

This is crucial as your villagers will be more likely to listen to your plans.

If they don’t, then you have wasted your time.

Tell them you want a lot, a lot with a lot.

Tell how many villagers you want, how many you can offer them, what you want them to get, what their needs are, etc. You should have a clear understanding of what they are asking for.3.

Talk about the price: Tell them the price, how much you want and when you want it.

The more they understand the price they are likely to agree to it.

You can even say: “You have asked for a lot and you can get it for free, if you are willing to pay a little more for it.”4.

Be persistent: Ask them for their opinion.

If you have a lot you can ask them to take a look at what you have, then give them a chance to make their decision.

You don’t want them asking you for your opinion if you don’t really have any to offer.5.

Be honest: Tell your villagers what you are doing and how it’s working out.

Be clear about your expectations and what you think will work out well.

If your villagers are really enthusiastic about the trade, it will get you a lot more trading volume.6.

Ask them what they will get in return: This is the most important part.

Make sure your villagers know what they get for their time and money, what the villagers want in return for their money, and how much they are willing or able to pay for the products you are trading.

You want them feeling like you care about them, that you are trying to help them.7.

Ask the villagers what they really want in the end: This can be anything from an idea to a promise.

You may be trading with villagers who have a high need for food, or a desire to get some kind of new item.

You also want to make sure that the villagers you are talking to are happy with the trade they are getting.8.

Be patient: Make sure you give them time to make up their minds.

They will not take it as an insult if you give the villagers something that they are not really happy about.9.

Give them a clear reason why they should accept your offer: Don’t be overly polite.

Just say that they will receive what they asked for, and if they do, then thank them.10.

Be polite: Be as non-threatening as you can be.

You do not want to offend the villagers.

They might be expecting you to do something to hurt them.

They may not want their money.

Make it clear that you will be happy to pay their money for the items they are selling.

You are now in the final step to getting the best out of villagers trading hours.

You will want to be patient, persistent and respectful.

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