Which county in Illinois is the most diverse?

The next two categories are a bit tricky, but I’ll try to simplify the list below.

The first is “local,” which includes towns and villages in Illinois.

That’s a broad term that encompasses not only places where a town or village has residents, but also places where people are already in the area and live.

The second category is “nonlocal,” a narrower term that includes places that are not incorporated into the county.

So, in other words, nonlocal places, including those in the cities and counties outside of Chicago, could be the most inclusive.

Here are the most recent census figures from 2016: There are currently 5,943 counties in Illinois with populations of more than 100,000.

Those numbers are a lot higher than the 5,100 counties in the U.S. population at the time of the 2010 census, but they are not as high as the 10,000 counties in total that have populations in excess of 100,0000.

So what we are seeing in Illinois are counties with populations approaching 100,001 people.

Those are the counties that have the highest percentages of nonlocal residents, as shown below.

That means that the county with the highest percentage of nonlocals in the United States is the one in Illinois, and the county that has the highest number of residents who are not in the county is the county in which the most nonlocally-sourced people reside.

But the percentage of people in nonlocality communities in Illinois (excluding the three counties with the lowest percentages of people who are residents) is actually much higher than in the rest of the United Sates.

For example, the county of Cook County, Illinois, which is home to a large population of African Americans, is the only one in the entire state with a higher percentage of residents in nonlocal communities.

That has some implications for racial equity.

In 2015, Cook County had the second-highest number of African American residents in the state, with 2.6 percent of its population of nearly 1.8 million.

But in 2016, that number had fallen to 1.1 percent.

That might be a good thing, since it’s a community that is still largely white and very poor.

But it also means that Cook County is disproportionately likely to be dominated by African Americans and other minorities.

In fact, Cook is the first Cook County to have an African American mayor.

But that’s not the only thing about Cook County that makes it less diverse than other counties in it.

Another area that has an issue with its representation of minorities is education.

Cook County has the third-highest percentage of students in poverty among counties in Indiana, behind only Lincoln and Marion counties.

This may be because of a lack of affordable education in Cook County.

In 2016, only 13.9 percent of students from the Cook County Public Schools earned at least a high school diploma, according to data from the Department of Education.

That compares to 19.9 of Lincoln County’s students, 17.9 in Marion County, and 21.3 in Jefferson County.

The disparity in education between the counties also comes down to demographics.

The Cook County school population is overwhelmingly white, with the majority of the county’s population coming from Chicago.

So that population has a significant impact on its education levels.

That could have an impact on diversity as well.

The same goes for population density.

Cook is among the most densely populated counties in America, with more than 1,000 people per square mile.

That can be a disadvantage for minorities, but it also makes it more likely that minorities will be concentrated in low-income neighborhoods, according a 2016 report by the Urban Institute.

The report found that, in the city of Chicago alone, there are nearly 10,700 African American and Latino residents, compared to just over 5,200 white residents.

That disparity is especially pronounced in the poorer neighborhoods.

It also means the area around the Cook International Airport is a particularly diverse area.

In 2017, there were just over 16,000 black residents, while just over 8,400 white residents lived in the same neighborhood.

That is, of the roughly 9,000 African Americans who live in the airport, there was only about 8,000 who were African American.

The white population of the airport is slightly larger, at 7,400 people, but that doesn’t mean that there are fewer African Americans there.

The census data shows that African Americans are much more likely to live in low income areas than whites.

The Census Bureau defines low-wage workers as those who earn less than $15 per hour.

The data also shows that, although there is some variation in the proportion of black and Latino workers in low wage industries, African Americans have a higher rate of working in those jobs.

That difference is a bit more pronounced in jobs that pay less than the federal minimum wage, such as retail, restaurant, and fast food, which are all in low wages.

In other words: When it comes to the diversity of the country

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