What’s going on in Christmas Village?

Christmas Village is one of the most beloved villages in India.

The name of the village means ‘little house’ in Hindi, and it has a very special meaning for villagers.

The village is the home of many endangered and rare animals, including the elephant, the rhino and the polar bear.

The last of these creatures was killed in December 2014 by an international conservationist named Samir Khan.

The animal was named after a village named Sambheer, which is located in West Bengal state.

Sambhem’s mother, Sita, who was also a polar bear keeper, was killed by a poacher in the same village in 2008.

This year, the polar bears were among the many endangered animals being killed by poachers.

Samir, who has been working on this project for more than two decades, has decided to keep the elephants, rhinos and polar bears alive at Christmas Village for a while, so that they can help him to conserve and protect them.

In addition to elephant, rhino, and polar bear, Samir has killed about 50 other animals, and the animals in his care will be kept at Christmas village until Samir completes his project.

A couple of years ago, he and a friend, who works as a veterinarian, were working on the rhinos, when they spotted a rhino calf.

This calf had already been born and was healthy, and Samir was very pleased when he saw the calf.

“The calf was very big and beautiful,” he said.

“It was very lucky that I found it.”

The calf had been born at the Christmas Village in January this year, and after the birth, the two went to a nearby village where they had spent the night.

Samircan was surprised to see the calf and wanted to take a closer look, but the rhinoceros was hiding in the bushes and the only way to see him was by taking pictures.

He went outside to take pictures of the calf with his mobile phone, but it had disappeared from the bushes.

Samirlan followed Samir’s footprints to the other side of the road and followed his footprints back to the rhiniacamp.

He saw that the rhinceros had stopped and was walking slowly towards Samir.

Samira went inside to find out what happened.

“We went out in the morning and saw that a rhinoco was in the village,” Samir said.

When Samir came out of the house, the calf had disappeared again.

“This time, the animal was still there.

I came out to see what happened,” he added.

“I did not see the animal again.

I had to go and look for it.

When I went outside, I was so happy.

I was happy that the calf was alive.”

Samir and his friends were all worried about the rhicoceros and the other endangered animals that Samir had killed.

“But I was also very happy when I found the rhio,” Samira said.

He is confident that he will be able to complete his project, and that Samircans efforts will bring a change to the lives of endangered animals in the world.

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