‘Weird’ new Disney-produced short features two cats and one wolf

This is the story of how the story and concept of Disney’s new film Weird was born.

“Weird” is an American animated short about a family of cats and a wolf.

A few months ago, the film debuted in the U.K. and Canada, and it’s been nominated for an Academy Award for best short film.

Now, the movie is back in the States.

This time around, the cats are on the road.

The wolf is still wandering the wilderness.

The cats are in a house.

And the wolf is in the woods.

Weird is an anthology of short films that are about a group of characters trying to live and work together.

The short films focus on a handful of characters and their relationships, and they are meant to be more than just a series of cutaways.

“A lot of the stories are set on the same premise,” says Noah Krakow, one of the filmmakers.

“They’re about how people, people with cats, people in a household, people who live together and how they’re constantly finding themselves in situations they shouldn’t be in.”

“We’re really trying to be honest about our lives,” says director Adam Horowitz.

“The idea is to be like, ‘What’s the story here?'”

Krakowski, who also directs the animated short “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,” says the short film is about two families.

They have cats and dogs and a dog that is a wolf, and one cat.

It’s about two cats, but the story is about a wolf that lives alone in a remote part of the woods and has to survive.

The cat, who is named Z, is a member of a community that has cats.

It seems like a perfect story for a Disney short film, which is what the filmmakers are hoping the short will be.

The filmmakers have put together a short film that features two cat-themed short films and the wolf that is an animal crossing village.

They are also going to film a short that is about the wolf and cats, and a short about the dog.

The shorts were inspired by the characters’ lives and their struggles with living in a home with cats.

“There’s so many stories in this world, but we want to find one that’s very simple,” says Horowitz.

The filmmaker tells me that the film will be released through the Disney Family Film Festival, a non-profit that works to raise money to help filmmakers create and distribute films for kids.

The films will be screened and sold online through the Festival.

In addition to the short films, the filmmakers also have plans for a documentary, which they hope to make sometime in the future.

They’ve already started work on a book about the short and their lives.

The goal is to make a documentary about the animal crossing villages, but Horowitz says they are also interested in doing a more long-form piece about Z. “Z and the wolves are going to live in a farmhouse in the forest and that’s where he’s going to meet his friend,” Horowitz says.

“I want to explore the animals and their story in a way that’s not just a one-scene story.”

“I think that Z will end up being a really cool character in the short,” Horowitz adds.

The animal crossing villagers of the story have been living in the forests of Minnesota for generations, and the village has been abandoned by the wolves.

“You see this animal crossing scene from afar, and you think, I don’t know, what are they doing there?

And the wolves just kind of disappear, and that kind of breaks your heart,” says Krakowsk.

“But then you look at the animals, and there’s this cute little boy with a cat on his head, and then you think: He’s going through the woods, and I wonder what they’re doing there?”

“We wanted to tell this story that was not about these animals,” Horowitz explains.

“It’s about people who have a lot of cats, especially in this country, and their relationship with them.

It was about how you can live with cats but not be an animal.

I think the way the film is being made is the way people are talking about the animals right now, and how we can have more animals living in our homes.

We’ve seen that animal crossings are happening, and we’re really hoping that we can create a movie that’s really about these people and how it changes their lives.”

“When you think about it, the animals have to be really, really close,” Horowitz said.

“Even though they are so small, they are connected to each other.

They get along.

It feels like this big picture.”

In the film, Z meets a cat named Dolly, who has a family in the village.

She’s not afraid of the animals.

The film ends with Z and Dolly meeting their mother

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