Minecraft villager house with hidden leaf zombie villagers

A Minecraft villagers house was featured in a new video released this week, but it has a twist: the zombies are hidden inside.

The house, created by an Australian developer, was created to be a Minecraft-themed Easter egg.

The video was uploaded to the developer’s Youtube channel and has garnered over 3 million views.

It’s been watched over 17 million times, and it has now been featured on Minecraft: Easter Island, Minecraft’s official channel.

The Minecraft villages house is called the “Crown City Zombies”.

The video’s creator, Jason Smith, has posted a tutorial video on the developer channel explaining how to build the Minecraft village.

It features a few Minecraft zombies inside the house.

It is unclear if the zombies actually exist in Minecraft, or if they are a fictional reference to the video game.

A Minecraft Zombie villager in Minecraft: Minecraft Village House.

The developer says the Minecraft zombies are actually hidden inside the Minecraft Village house.

Minecraft: Mojang Zombie Villagers A Minecraft zombie villaging in Minecraft.

A zombie villaged in Minecraft Minecraft: Netherstorm Zombies Minecraft: The Mojang Zombies, a Minecraft zombie village, was also featured in the video.

The Mojangs zombies are named “Joker”, “Dawn”, “Jigsaw”, and “Crimson”.

Minecraft: Zombie Villages in Minecraft The Mojange Zombies were created by developer Jason Smith to celebrate the game’s anniversary, and were also featured on the Minecraft: Game Over Easter Egg Easter egg from the game.

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