What is a Miracle Village?

A family is coming together to rebuild their small business after losing a business and many other investments in a blaze in rural North Dakota that killed 10 people.

The village is in north-central North Dakota, in a town known for its maple syrup and apple cider production.

They call it Miracle Village.

They’re rebuilding their business with a combination of money from their farm, as well as community support and donations from around the country.

They’ve hired a team of skilled and experienced hands to help them build their business.

Their name is Jon and he and his wife are the only parents in the village.

They are building a farm to supply maple syrup for their family.

“This is a dream that we’ve had for many years, and that’s what we are doing with the family business,” Jon said.

Jon said they’ve had a number of financial setbacks in the past year, including losing a small business and their own savings.

They have $4,000 in the bank, and Jon and his family hope they can make it up.

They say they don’t want to be the only family in the valley of misery.

They are trying to help people.

They want to give back to the community.

They also want to help others, and they’re not afraid to share that information.

“I think that’s why we’re getting a lot of support from people around the world,” Jon explained.

“We have a community here in the U.S. that has a passion for agriculture, and we want to share our passion for the farm, and share what we have learned and what we’re doing.

We’re getting more support than we can possibly show here.

It’s really rewarding.”

The village had lost their business about 10 years ago when they lost their house, which is now a rental property.

Jon and his husband were working on a farm near their home.

They had lost a lot in their past, so when they started the business, they knew they wanted to keep farming.

Jon and the rest of the family are now working on the farm with their own money, and the money they earn will go to the village to support the farmers who are making it possible for the rest to keep their farm going.

“We’ve got to keep the dream alive, so to speak, to keep it going,” Jon told ABC News.

“The biggest part is we’re not getting to this point until we’re able to rebuild this business.”

The Miracle Village farm will be able to produce maple syrup on a small farm that will produce up to 100 barrels of syrup per day.

They will be growing fruits and vegetables for the village, and also selling produce and meats and dairy products.

The team of volunteers will work alongside the local school district to teach kids about farming, and to make the village a model for others.

Jon believes that the community can learn from this small community.

“That’s the hope that we have in this whole community,” he said.

“You’ve got the power to change something and you’ve got an opportunity to do it.”

The Village of Miracle is one of the many local communities that have made a donation in the last few weeks to help with the reconstruction effort.

“When we heard about the fire, we were really touched, but we were also really scared, and it’s a community,” Jon added.

“It’s a small town, and people are still hurting and they need help.”

For more information about the Miracle Village, visit the Village of the Lost at Miracle Village Facebook page.

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