How to buy a house in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri

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Welcome to the “How to Buy a House in Iowa” podcast, hosted by Mike and Mike.

Welcome back, Mike and Matt.

Mike: This is Mike and Dan, Mike at The Daily Ticker, and Matt at The Mike and Tom Show.

We’re thrilled to be back here to welcome you to the podcast.

First, a little background.

I’m going to tell you about a story from my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

So, let’s talk about this story for a second.

I grew up in Green Bay and I went to a good school.

I went through a lot of hardships.

My dad was in the Army.

I remember one day when he was trying to get back into the Army, and he went into the library and he found this book, “The Good Soldier.”

And he had been reading it for a long time.

He found this little little little piece of information and he just fell in love with it.

So I got the book, I read it, and I got hooked.

And then, one day, I was like, I’m gonna give it to my son.

So my son got me this book.

And it was called, The Good Soldier.

And he was like wow, this book is so cool.

And I was just overwhelmed with that.

I thought, what a great gift.

I mean, he could read it.

It was perfect.

And so, I took it to school and I started reading it.

And, it was a lot to process.

And that’s what happened.

I was so excited when I went in and read it that I started crying.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

And there was one paragraph that I couldn, I couldn.

It said, “I am the good soldier.

I am the best soldier in the world.”

And I couldn to get through it.

I cried.

I started thinking about that book.

I had been so invested in it.

The idea of it being a great book.

That’s why I kept reading it and reading it, until I just went crazy.

I kept going back to it.

But I wasn’t happy with the book.

It didn’t make me happy.

So the book wasn’t for me.

So that’s where I left it.

That is why I never, ever bought a house.

I just never bought a home.

I didn’t buy a farm.

And now I’ve been living here, in my own backyard, for the last 10 years.

And my house is worth more than the house I built in my backyard.

So it’s a big difference, isn’t it?

But I love this house.

It’s my home.

And the people that I’ve met over the years, and the people who are here today, I love them all.

And they know it, too.

And this is the way I live my life.

And what happened is I got a house and I couldn?t figure out what I wanted to do with it or what I needed to do to move forward with it?

And I thought maybe it was something I was really good at, and maybe I was a great communicator.

And all of a sudden, I started spending a lot more time on Facebook.

And social media became something that I had to figure out a way to keep doing.

So you can see the progression of it.

People started calling me, asking me questions.

They were like, What are you doing with this house?

What are your goals?

And that became more of an obsession than anything else.

So after I had started spending more time there, it became more and more a lifestyle, a way of living.

And in this house, I put everything into it.

My dog.

My furniture.

My art.

My clothes.

And even my home, my backyard, it’s all in there.

So yeah, the house is pretty much the same.

And just like anything else in my life, I don’t really care what happens with it, because I’m here to share it with the world.

And every day I have to make sure that people know that I am happy here, and that I’m a good person, and it’s just a blessing.

And people know what it means to live here.

And because of that, it brings a lot back to me, a lot.

But this is where I’m at in my career, Mike.

So how are you?

Mike: Hi.

This is my life and my story.

I graduated from high school in 2011.

I got into the workforce and went to work for a big multinational company.

And right away, I went from working in the company to being my own boss.

And at the same time, I became a great leader.

And within three years, I had grown into this very

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