When You Were a Tree, Then You Were Me

CHRISTMAS VILLAGE (MYTHOLOGY) Tree: I was a tree, then you were me.

Tree: My family was a bunch of idiots.

Tree made me do stupid things.

Tree had a really big family.

Tree wanted to be the king.

Tree’s parents were idiots.

Tree died, and Tree came to live with his parents in the village.

Tree’s sister had a dream of being a tree.

Tree got the job.

Tree and his family were still idiots when they were old.

Tree grew old, and the old tree got old.

Tree started to make things worse.

Tree fell into a hole and his parents were going to make him take a tree stump and put his hands in it.

Tree had a good dream of getting a nice tree stump for himself.

Tree told his family that if he fell into that hole, he would be a better person than they were.

Tree was not stupid.

Tree was a good kid, and his brother was going to be good, too.

Tree tried to kill his parents and got killed by a snake.

Tree became a good guy.

Tree loved his parents, and he loved his family.

Tree loved his friends, and was willing to die for them.

Tree got to become a tree and did all sorts of stupid things, and then he fell in the hole.

Tree and his father thought it was hilarious that Tree was laughing so much.

Tree liked being a bad guy.

Tree did stupid things because he loved being a good person.

Tree wanted to kill the snakes, and so he did.

Tree didn’t want to kill anybody, but he did want to do things that nobody could do.

Tree became a tree because he wanted to get to be a good tree.

Tree hated his parents so much that he wanted them to die.

Tree is a bad person.

Tree killed his parents.

Tree is a good, dumb, stupid person.

Christmas tree: I love you and I want to spend Christmas with you.

Christmas tree: Your family is the biggest idiot in the world.

Tree hates his parents for being idiots.

Christmas Tree’s mother is a real idiot.

Christmas trees are like idiots, except that they are good people.

Christmas is just the time to get into the tree.

Christmas isn’t a holiday.

Christmas was a real holiday.

Christmas is a special day.

Christmas has a special meaning.

Christmas can mean the world to a person.

Christmas comes when people are happy, when the world is happy, and when people have fun.

Christmas was a special time.

Christmas came to life in the tree, and Christmas is the only real Christmas in the universe.

Christmas will never stop being Christmas.

Christmas ends with a bang.

Christmas starts with a whimper.

Christmas ends with the tree falling in a hole.

Christmas can mean a lot of things.

Christmas makes people happy, but it also has a big meaning.

Christmas really is the best time of year to have fun with friends.

Christmas brings people together and brings people out of their own self-centeredness.

Christmas may mean the end of the world, but the universe will still have a great year.

Christmas brings people to the most wonderful place in the sky, the best holiday ever.

Christmas has a meaning.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to have Christmas.

Christmas lasts forever.

Christmas begins when people go into a tree house and make fun of the dumb things they do.

Christmas doesn’t start until it’s over.

Christmas begins with a scream.

Christmas comes to life and then the tree falls in a very special place.

Christmas takes a long time to happen.

Christmas lasts forever, but its the only time of the year when people can do what they want.

Christmas becomes a part of the fabric of our lives, and we have to remember that.

Christmas does not mean that everyone gets a good Christmas.

Its only the beginning of Christmas.

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